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It sometimes seems that a lock is a lock

A bolt is a bolt and a padlock is a padlock. But a life in locks is not that simple. In order to show something of the great variety of locks - and quite disregarding other fastening devices such as catches - The Curator is pleased to set out here some lists of possible variations. They are based on data from the Encyclopaedia of Lock and Builders Hardware compiled and published by Josiah Parkes and Sons Ltd. and published in 1968. If you find it all bewildering, be assured that the Curator does too.

The first thing to do is to choose you type of lock.  Below are lusted some of those that are available.  (The illustrations on these and the following pages all come from  catalogue issued by Dews Bros. Ltd. of Moseley Street, Wolverhampton, possibly some time in the 1920s).

Asylum Lock,Attache Case Lock,Automatic Lock,Back Spring Lock

Bank Lock;Barron's Lock,Bathroom Lock,Block Lock,Bonnet Lock,Book Lock,Box Lock

Bramah Lock,Budget Lock,Builders Lock,Cabinet Lock,Camp Desk Lock,Car Handle Lock

Carpet Bag Lock,Cash Box Lock,Chain Padlock,Change Key Lock,Chest Lock,Church Door

Lock,Claw Bolt Lock,Close Shackle Padlock,Collapsible,Gate Lock;Combination Lock

Communicating Door Lock,Cubicle Lock,Cut Cupboard Lock,Cycle Lock,Cylinder Lock

Cylindrical Lock,Dead Lock,Desk Lock,Disc Tumbler Lock,Double Action Lock

Double Hand Lock,Double Hook Bolt Lock,Double Throw Lock,Drawback Lock,Drawer Lock

Escutcheon Lock,Fall Front Box Lock,Filing Cabinet Lock,Flanged Rim Lock

Flush Fitting Lock,Four Way Lock,Galley Lock,Gate Lock,Hanging Letter Box Lock

Hook Bolt Lock,Horizontal Lock,Hotel Lock,Keyless Combination Lock,Lavatory Lock

Letter Bag Lock,Letter Padlock,Lever Lock,Lift Up Lock,Linkplate Cupboard Lock

Locker Lock,Locking Device,Loose Leaf Ledger Lock,Mental Hospital Lock,Meter Lock

Miners Locker Lock,Mortice Lock,Museum Lock,Nettlefolds Lock,One Side Lock

Pedestal Lock,Piano Lock,Pin Tumbler Lock,Plate Lock,Portfolio LockPost Pillar Lock

Postal Call Box Lock,Press Lock,Prison Lock,Puzzle Lock,Rack Bolt Lock,Railway Point Lock

Rebated Lock,Rim Lock,Roll Top Desk Lock,Safe Deposit Lock,Safe Lock,Sash Lock

School Lock,Ship Lock,Shop Door Lock,Show Case Lock,Sideboard Lock,Silent Bolt Lock

Single Hand Lock,Slam Lock,Sliding DoorLock,Spring Lock,Spring Mortice Lock

Spring Rim Lock,Steel Furniture LockStraight Cupboard Lock,Suit Case Lock

Three Bolt Mortice Lock,Three Bolt Rim Lock,Three Way Lock,Till Lock,Time Lock

Top Frame Bag Lock,Triple Throw Lock,Trunk Lock,Tubular LockTumbler Lock,

Two Bolt Lock,Two Keyhole Lock,Two Side Lock,Two Way Lock,Unit Lock Set,Upright Lock

Wall Box Lock,Warded Lock,Wardrobe Lock,Window Lock,Wood Stock Lock

that's enough locks